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Amanda(36 years old, cooking enthusiast) is a mum of two, she is a busy mum – entrepreneur who spends her time between hosting TV cooking program, and taking care of the family. She loves her job because she is passionate about sharing her knowledge on healthy eating and flame cooking to others. Despite the busy schedule, Amanda insists having dinner with family every night as she thinks a dining table filled with delicious food is where family bonding is nurtured.


Over weekends, the family hosts gatherings among friends and extend family members at home, Angela(5 years old) and John(9 years old) will help cooking too. Amanda believes food and cooking is the best way to communicate language of love.


It will be 10th Anniversary of the couple soon, Tony (39 years old, Director to Advertising company) the husband wants to surprise Amanda by renovating their old, inconvenient, small kitchen to be an open, functional, bright, high tech, flexible, stylish kitchen with quality Towngas appliances to let everyone enjoy happy cooking time together. He is currently seeking help from Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas) for solutions.

Submission Format

2 A3 pdf including 

– 1:50 Plan(s)
– section(s)
– elevation(s)
– designer’s rendering of impression(s)
– project description (no more than 500 words)

Download Kitchen Layout Plan:

**Please remember to rename your file submission as YOUR NAME_AWARD GROUP NAME.**

**Please design to facilitate flame cooking.**

Design Solution

Initiated by Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas) and jointly organized with archiparti, “Reinventing Home Kitchen – Design Contest 2016” is calling for entry now. This Contest aims to encourage innovative and outstanding designs of kitchens from talented professionals (such as interior and kitchen designers, architects, builders, and re-modelers etc), artists, cooking & design enthusiasts and design students. We are genuinely looking for new materials, new technologies and new elements to reinvent kitchen design and cooking culture.


All entries should be submitted no later than 28 July, 2016 and winners to be announced in late August 2016.  Entering is simple, straightforward and free. You are given carte blanche to polish your design and draw the best of your creativity. All you have to do is to put your imagination to work.


About Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas)

Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas) provides one-stop solution for all your kitchen needs. With the brand philosophy – ‘The Kitchen with You in Mind’, Mia Cucina’s kitchens are tailored and customized according to the cooking habits and preference of each individual. All Mia Cucina designs are using only the choicest materials, imported from Europe, to guarantee the durability and robustness. Riding on Towngas’ heritage of cooking expertise and customer care, Mia Cucina professionals including renowned cooking experts, skilled engineers and experienced kitchen designers create a truly multi-functional kitchen worthy of entertaining, social living and cooking. Its one-stop service, from planning, design and installation to after-sales maintenance, all are undertaken by Towngas’ professionals committed to your satisfaction and fulfillment.


About archiparti

archiparti provides approachable professional architecture/interior design services through technology. Being a Swire PropertiesBlueprint accelerator supported startup, here you can get access to thousands of talented independent spatial designers and small firms worldwide and especially in HK. archiparti brings costs down through the centralization & digitization of all operations, leaving the designer to focus on their work.

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