Are all people welcomed? Whether local or overseas?

We welcome participation from all interested parties. Local professionals may enter their design into professional category. For participants/students from overseas, you are warmly welcomed to register to open category or student category.


How to define local vs overseas?

Refer to the major working office location.


What is the entry fee?

All interested parties can join and are free to submit their design without an entry fee.


Can an individual/ firm submit more than one entry?

Each design can be submitted to apply for multiple awards, and multiple entries can be made for each award, but only a maximum of 5 submissions from each individual/firm will be allowed.




What is construction budget of the design?



Are there any restrictions on height, width, coverage, function, area etc.?

Area with layout measurement according to the following link: Kitchen Layout Plan


Could you please specify if all details mentioned above should be included in 2 A3 pdf or I can develop the best way to showcase my own design?

We encourage to have pdf softcopy to best present design. On top of that, we welcome other presentation tools.


Is it acceptable to deliver our proposals for only one or two of those requirements?

Yes, it is acceptable, but we will make follow up enquiries.


If my design had received awards in other competitions, can I reuse the design to participate in this competition? Or can I reuse my design which had joined other competition?

No, you cannot and this competition does not accept any design which was used in other competitions or any designs that had been award-winning.


Can we include other formats of submission such as audio?

We encourage to have PDF soft copy to best present the design. On top of that, we welcome other presentation tools.


Can I sell this design from this competition to a third party?

Yes, except winners.


I’m not a designer or design student, so I do not have design-related knowledge or have received relevant training and can I participate in this competition?

Yes you can. No matter what field you are in, you can join this competition as long as you follow the submission terms and conditions.


Can I submit sketches?

Yes. You can submit sketches but they must be in PDF format.


Can I use the design from this competition for other uses?

Yes, except winners.


How many copies should we submit? Do you require hard copy?

1 copy submitted online will be enough. No hard copy is required.


How do I upload my entry?

You can upload through registering here.

Or you can email it to info@miacucinadesign.com


What is the upload requirement (e.g. dpi)?

200 dpi, with file size less than 5mb.


I would like to learn more about Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas) Where should I start with?

You can learn more here. 



What will be the Jury process?

There will be two (2) rounds of assessments. Around five (5) submissions will be selected for each group based on our announced judging criteria. Then one (1) winner will be selected for each award.


Who will jury members be?

Jury panel will be composed of representatives of Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas), Archiparti Limited, Celebrities, Design Professionals and Cooking Enthusiasts. Details to be announced.


Do I need to attend any interview?

Shortlisted designers will be invited to submit a 2-min self introduction video or join a video conference.


Do I must use Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas) products and Towngas appliances in my submission?

We assess the submission based on the use of our brand products only for the “Most Creative use of Mia Cucina for Home Kitchen Design” Award. Products that use gas cooking is generally encouraged. The spirit of the competition is about celebrating innovative, thoughtful, stylish yet practical new approaches to kitchen design.



How much work and time do I need to commit for the construction coordination? Do I need to issue more detail drawings?

As a winner, you will be invited to have a project meeting for around 3 hours in Towngas headquarter. It will be helpful if you can provide more hand sketches with our project manager to communicate.


Will I be paid for the construction coordination work of the design after the competition?



Will all the 3 winner pieces be built at once in one showroom?

No. The winners’ kitchens from all groups may have the chance to be built through time in different showrooms.


To what degree will my design be altered during the construction process? Will I have a say about that?

We try not to alter the winner’s design unless there is a technical constraint. If the project manager has substantial alternation, we are pleased to discuss with the designer again through tele-conversation.



What will be the next after I win the competition?

All winners’ kitchens may have the chance to be built in Mia Cucina showrooms.
The winners will have the design works published online and in print on publications and social media platforms.


Will Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas) duplicate my design to other projects other than 1 showroom project?

Yes, we’ll adopt the winning design.


Will I get paid or noticed if that will be the case?



When will I get my award?

September: Mia Cucina Voucher 

December: Cash award


Will there be an award ceremony?

Yes, it will be on early December, 2016. Details and date to be confirmed.


What will be the media publication?

Mass and industry publication.

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