Winners Unveiled!

After two rounds of judging, Mia Cucina (Kitchens by Towngas) and archiparti announce five winners of “Reinventing Home Kitchen – Design Contest 2016”. The competition has successfully attracted over a hundred submissions from 17 countries; each design shows designers’ passion on kitchen design and their innovation.

Based on creativity, visual appeal, thoughtfulness to overall kitchen workflow, caring to details, practicality and functionality, a total of 8 judges including the head judge, Mr Paul Chu, Honorary Treasurer of Hong Kong Institute of Architects, top management of Towngas and archiparti, professional designers such as Mr Otto Ng of LAAB, and cooking experts, Mr Jacky Yu and Mr Joey Leung, chose five excellent designs from Professional, Open and Student Group. The winning designs are all capable of showcasing the importance of kitchen. The results are:

“Best Mia Cucina Home Kitchen Design of Style”

Winner: napp studio – Tsang Aron Wai Chun & Ho Hung Lai Wesley (Hong Kong)
Description of the Winning Design: Inspired by Chinese traditional architecture “Siheyuan,” the kitchen is formed by 4-5 individual cabinets and also integrates with a swing-dining table in order to interact more with friends and family during cooking time. Along with the recently regained popularity of home-cooking due to health values, as well the availability of internet broadcasting media, the team questions if cooking can also be seen as an essential family-bonding activity, hence kitchen as the centrality of a home – ‘the family within a family’.

“Best Mia Cucina Home Kitchen Design of Love”

Winner: Kwan Lam (Hong Kong)
Description of the Winning Design: Differed from classical kitchen style, the designer used two ovals to be the working area; hence, while mother focuses on cooking, father and the kids can play on the other side of that area.

It was always challenge to allow close contact in a flamed kitchen. But now, with the butt joined fire-rated glass available, it will be easy to have transparent barrier around the flamed area. The kids can enjoy playing or help to prep food with very close distance with mom. The kids table is specially designed for them to sit facing outwards, or stand at the platform where they could have levelled eye contact with moms.

“Most Creative Use of Mia Cucina for Home Kitchen Design”

Winner: Lai Chi Ho Tommy (Hong Kong)
Description of the Winning Design: 
This kitchen design named “Connection”. The objective of this kitchen design is to create a comfort space that can help every family member to communicate, cook and enjoy the family moment with each other easily.

“Mia Cucina Design & Research Award”

Winner: Camilo Cerro (United States)
Description of the Winning Design: The kitchen of the future needs to be an interdependent system of sustainable elements designed to add to the quality of life to the user and at the same time protect the environment. The design is artfully integrated by indoor greenhouse and kitchen. The tall cabinet leaning against the wall is designed to be the greenhouse; so, the user can freely plant ingredients inside this special cabinet.

“Mia Cucina Student Award”

Winner: Federico Fauli (United Kingdom)
Description of the Winning Design: 
The designer combined the innovation deriving by a dichotomy of two different materials such as the transparent perspex and the black marble, trying to create a new atmosphere. There is also an injection machine. A plastic recycle machine able to transform and mold discarded plastic into colorful shapes such as boxes, plates, toys, cooking tools, etc… addressing both the idea of innovation and family integration and cooperation.


Profession Group

Joe Wong (王啟成) of Paper X Design/紙談設計

Leung Kam Biu

Wong Man Hang

Jenni Higgins of Higgins + Higgins Ltd

Ka Yip Yeung of HKUSPACE Community College

Garkay Wong

Wan Fai, Faye

Victor Serrano & Manuela Catania

Henry Chan & Hokan Wong


Open Group

N. H. Damith De Silva & Shahan Saheed

Milan Radulovic

Elahe Hasan Barani & Ehsan Safarloo

Anahita Vazirnezami & Vahideh Zeighami of Heterotopia. Dstudio


Student Group

Wan Chi Yuen Nelca

Jun Li

Ng Kai Hong, Tse Fei, Fung King Him & Wong Ming Chiu

Damien Graham & Jane Redmond

” Merit Participants”

Saiyed Nadia Ali

Princely, Raja, S.Venugopal, Yashas, Nikhil Tupe & Mark Anil Mathew.

Zion Chan of Studio 15

Cheung Hoi Yan

Zhou Hon Yan of Caritas Bianchi College Of Careers

Cheung Yuk Man

Ng Ka Man, Miki

Wong Man Hang

AB Designs Hk Limited

Reza Jafarinejad of Kariz Paramon

Lance Brian R. Folloso

Felipe Arturo Quintana Pucheta of Fabricka

Au Kai Pong

Harata Ng of 25mm Architecture Studio

I Komang Suryana Adi Darma

Christian D. Gumaru.

Marjorie Lim Chiaw Hia

Justin Chay Yew Chong of Niche Interior

Tom Higgins of Higgins +Higgins Ltd

Criador of Ar Shraddha Raikar

Natasza Minasiewicz

Osundiji Fatai Adelekan of Obafemi Awolowo University

The judging panel believes that imagination isn’t just a thought, and it should be executed in real life. Hence, Mia Cucina is going to turn two of the winning designs from sketches into reality at Tsim Sha Tsui showroom at the end of 2016. Welcome to visit the new kitchens then!


Judging panel (From left to right): Jacky Yu, Founder of Xi Yan Private Dining; Karbi Chan, Founder of archiparti; Melvin Wong, Project Marketing & Sales Manage of Towngas; Otto Ng, Design Director of LAAB; Paul Chu, Honorary Treasurer of Hong Kong Institute of Architects; Catherine Wong, Senior Retail Marketing & Sales Manager of Towngas; Joey Leung, Celebrity Chef and KOL on social media platforms; and Adrian Poon, Strategic Partner of archiparti and Founder of Swatchcloud


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